Pain Between Shoulder Blades

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Pain in the body especially between the shoulder blades is an indication that there is something wrong in the body that needs to be taken care of. Initially, the pain can be mild but may gradually increase resulting in a lot of discomfort for an individual suffering from the pain. The shoulder blades can simply be described as the structure of bone that is on the back, the upper part. Furthermore, it also a section of the sockets in which the upper arms are connected. The shoulder blades are flexible and can move smoothly because of the muscle as well as tissue cushion that surround it.

The shoulder blades are a very important part of the body that need to be taken care of well so that they do not experience pain or damage that is caused by the regular movements of the arm. The simple causes of pain between shoulder blades include swelling s well as inflammation of the shoulder blade. The main reasons for the swelling may be due to the inflammation of tissues as well as tendons that surround the shoulder blade. The muscles can also be strained as well as torn resulting in sharp pain in the shoulder blades. Furthermore, a dislocated joint can cause a lot of pain in the shoulder blades and is usually caused by strong trauma that is a result of an accident. The pain may be aggravated when the region is infected thereby causing a lot of pain.

Serious causes of pain between shoulder blades

Apart from pain between shoulder blades caused by torn ligaments and strong trauma there are other medical conditions whose severity is measured by the level and type of pain experienced in the area. Most times the conditions that are diagnosed by measuring the pain in this part of the shoulders may lead to an underlying cause which is much more serious than was initially thought.

Heart attack is one disease whose major symptom is pain that is found between shoulder blades especially for men.  Women also suffer similar pain when susceptible to a heart attack and the signs are indicated by other symptoms as well.  Some of these symptoms include shortness of breath, sweating, and recurring discomfort in the chest among others.

Gall bladder disease is also another condition whose symptoms include severe pain that is usually felt in the shoulder blades. The pain experienced is usually severe and also sudden, and can also last from a few minutes to even hours depending on its intensity. In addition, the pain can be accompanied by sweating as well as vomiting.

Cancer, both liver and esophageal is also characterized by shoulder blade pain that is experienced among other symptoms that are indicative of the same condition. These two cancers are not so common but when they occur it is likely that the discomfort felt will be as a result of pain on the shoulder blades. However, it is good to have the pain checked out and a diagnosis given by a qualified doctor .