Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

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Pain in lower left abdomen is often classified through the area they affect, that’s the quadrant that is affected the most. The abdomen is divided into four main quadrants specifically; Lower Left Quadrant, Lower Right Quadrant, Upper Right Quadrant and Upper Left Quadrant. Here all of us shall concentrate on both top parts on the left.

The organs positioned in those places include; the Spleen, the Stomach, Intestinal tract, Adrenal gland, Remaining Kidney, Fallopian pipes plus ovary in women, Ureter, Left Rib crate, Pancreas, Left Diaphragm, Skin and stomach muscles.

This implies that what causes left stomach pain majorly affect all these organs in your body. Let all of us see deep to the common reasons for pain in lower left abdomen.

Major reasons of pain in lower left abdomen

Intestinal tract Cancer: This is caused through the multiplication associated with cancer cells in the colon. Signs and symptoms include constipation along with inability to pass feces, rectal bleeding and it is very unpleasant. The cells within the large intestine would be the ones usually suffering from this because of the fact they consider longer to digest meals, the situation is more prevalent among people who take lots of red beef plus alcohol drinks. Colon cancers are curable but only at the early stage so you need to be checked earlier enough to check the cancer.

Kidney Stones: These tend to be stones which form in the kidney, particularly when the urine passing with the kidney is extremely concentrated. It’s mainly brought on by dietary factors for example low liquid intake (drinking water), higher intake associated with animal meats (red meat) as well as high consumption of sugars. Pain in lower left abdomen radiates in the flank to the groin area and it is very unpleasant. Symptoms consist of nausea, throwing up and pain in passing urine, unpleasant bowel jerks, and restlessness as well as sweating. It’s also more typical among males than women in the ages associated with 30 in order to 40 many years. Normally, the stones clear with utilization of fluids however severe cases may need surgery to get rid of them.

Diverticulitis: This is when pockets called diverticulitis form round the colon and obtain inflamed. The inflammation leads to pain in lower left abdomen. The pain may be associated along with bloating, nausea or vomiting, constipation, a fever and within the worst instances diarrhea. The situation needs correct medical analysis as a number of its symptoms act like irritable intestinal syndrome, bowel cancer along with other abdominal ailments. Sometimes one needs to go for any CT scan to assist the doctor obtain a correct evaluation and suggest treatment.

Ectopic pregnant: This occurs once the fertilized egg cell implants by itself in areas besides the womb, the egg might get implanted within the fallopian tube which leads to some very higher painful feeling. The condition is extremely risky and for that reason requires urgent medical assistance to correct the problem. Symptoms consist of; lack associated with periods because of pregnancy, irregular vaginal blood loss, mild cramping in the region near the actual affected fallopian pipe whether to remain or correct, sharp pain in lower left abdomen as well as fainting in some instances. One must rush towards the hospital in order to save the life of the mother as the likelihood of the unborn infant surviving is near to nil generally.

Treatment associated with lower left abdominal pain

The method to prevent the actual illnesses would be to eat the well-balanced diet and steer clear of sedentary life styles, avoid getting alcoholic beverages, cigarettes as well as red beef. With that you’ll prevent pain in lower left abdomen in addition many main abdominal discomfort and live a proper life.